Quality Assurance in Industrial Production

Quality increasingly ranks as a cost factor – especially in industrial production, where processes have to take place with no errors. Measuring systems from Kistler ensure ongoing process-integrated monitoring, so the highest quality and safety standards can be met. 

Injection Molding: Zero-Defect Production

Maximum quality and zero-defect production: these are the goals of every injection molding operation. Sensors and systems from Kistler measure and analyze mold cavity pressure, monitor the injection molding process and cut production costs – no matter which machines, tools or peripheral technologies are in use. Kistler products also document all the relevant quality data.

Monitoring Joining and Assembly Processes

Kistler delivers quality testing – with no compromises. Kistler solutions can be used in production facilities to ensure end-to-end process monitoring and quality assurance for joining and assembly processes.

Passing the Test with Flying Colors

To attain 100% quality, in-process inspection of products and subassemblies is essential – in-line, off-line or end-of-line. Thanks to Kistler's force, pressure and torque sensors, products are subjected to end-to-end quality testing.


Industrial manufacturing process controlled by smart measuring technology

Competency - Partner in Process Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

Process reliability
  • High transparency in series production
  • In-process quality control
  • End of Line control
  • Fast reaction (e.g. for material deviations or tool breakage)
  • Data documentation permits the traceability of process results
Resource optimization
  • Savings of product resources 
  • Compact Design
  • Lower spare parts inventory 
  • Low total cost of operation (TCO)
  • Optimal return on investment (ROI)

Productivity increase
  • A rejects reduction results in fewer returns
  • Increase the efficiency of the system
  • Better utilization of production
  • Optimal cycle times

Featured Applications