Tire safety screening

Tire safety screening detects tire properties for improved road safety

Next to the brakes, tires are the most important safety device on a vehicle. Incorrect tire pressure poses serious risks for drivers. In addition, under-inflation reduces the life of tires, which costs drivers and carriers money. Kistler has developed a simple solution that allows authorities to monitor the condition of tires on roads: Automated Tire Screening (ATS). It consists of Lineas quartz sensors, which  measure wheel and axle loads extremely accurately and determining gross vehicle weight under rolling traffic conditions. The sensors are installed in the road pavement and provide highly accurate measurement signals. These are conditioned and processed by the high accuraty Kistler Data Logger .

Benefits of the tire safety screening solution by Kistler:

  • Combines WIM and tire screening in a cost-effective solution
  • Already integrated into many existing bypass, screening, and sorting systems
  • Data is easily accessed and shared (open source)
  • Simple upgrade for existing Lineas quartz WIM sites which are widely used globally
  • ATS differentiates between single, super single, and dual tires, as well as detecting insufficiently inflated, flat, missmatched or missing tires
  • Roadside inspectors can automatically check tires on all passing vehicles without exposure to traffic
  • Provides vehicle positioning data for vehicles including wheel wander

Combines WIM and tire screening

Open source

Detecting insufficiently inflated, flat or missing tires

Simple upgrade


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