Dynamic brake testing and speed measurement of rail vehicles: rely on optical sensors from Kistler for precise results.

Dynamic brake testing and speed measurement

Non-contact absolute speed measurements and brake testing of rail vehicles are efficiently accomplished by means of our optical speed sensors Correvit S-Motion and Correvit L-Motion combined with our DTI-DAQ system. Brake testing can be documented according to braking distance measurements compliant with DIN standards.


  • Simple mounting on the vehicle with magnet or suction holder
  • Absolute, slip-free speed measurement (as well as displacement and acceleration measurement)
  • Measurement on all relevant surfaces (ballast, asphalt, rail head, concrete, etc.)
  • Allows proof of braking capacity according to legal requirements
  • Expandable with other sensors (for example vibration, GPS) for all kinds of dynamic measurement up to 250 km/h

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