Wireless rotating dynamometers with piezo technology from Kistler are driving cutting force measurement ahead.

Wireless rotating dynamometers based on piezo technology

Wireless rotating dynamometers (wireless RCDs) with piezo technology open up new possibilities for high-precision measurement and process analysis, especially in combination with new software: the Piezo Tool System (PTS) app.

Thanks to wireless communication, cables in the machine room are now a thing of the past – the receiver box can stream the data directly to a PC. Specifically developed for industrial applications, the PTS app offers all the analysis and measurement functions needed for efficient evaluation of data volumes – no matter how large. Data can also be used for multiple functions: even on small tools, for example, each tooth engagement can be viewed with high resolution, or tool life can be maximized.

Wireless rotating dynamometers with piezo technology can be integrated onto the tool directly with no cables.

Key features

  • High resolution for highly dynamic forces
  • Very accurate measurements of the three orthogonal forces plus torques
  • High sampling rates of up to 10 kHz
  • Effective force measurements irrespective of tool length and diameter
  • Wide force measuring range with only one sensor
  • Automated analysis software (Piezo Tool System app)



Structure of a wireless rotating dynamometer with a sensor based on piezo technology and crystal disks

Piezo vs. Strain gauge

Piezo technology offers significant advantages over strain gauges for highly dynamic processes such as machining and cutting.
  • Graph with clear signal
  • Individual tool rotations are easily recognizable, high level of detail
  • Polar plot shows clear results




  • High noise level
  • Individual tool rotations are not easily recognizable, lower level of detail
  • Polar plot is unusable

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