System Technology from Kistler as the Basis for Integrated Vehicle Tests

Reliable tests are the essential basis for optimal vehicle development and technology. The purpose of these tests is to deliver exact definitions for a vast range of physical variables. Measurement technologies from Kistler make possible accurate results for fatigue strength tests, driving dynamics tests, as well as tire tests.

Integrated vehicle tests are the current trend

Integrated vehicle tests are becoming increasingly important in vehicle development. But the requirements for successfully performing such tests are high: the results must be precise. Reliable measurement data can only be acquired with sensors that permit measurements under extreme conditions. To define various parameters, to measure, and to subsequently combine them, extensive experience with conducting vehicle tests is also necessary.

Kistler offers the right solution for every application area

Kistler offers innovative solutions for the best-possible measurement results in integrated vehicle tests: with the reliable, very robustly constructed and absolutely precise sensors from Kistler, it is ensured that the measurement functions from the very first attempt and supplies accurate data. With the wide range of high-precision sensors, Kistler offers the right sensor for every application area.

Innovative partner for vehicle developers

Among vehicle developers, Kistler has established itself as a leading provider of system solutions for integrated vehicle tests. With its sensors and systems, Kistler creates important technical prerequisites for visualizing measurement data and, with the help of state-of-the-art vehicle tests, thereby helps to make the vehicles of tomorrow safer and more energy-efficient.

You can find more information on this topic at our Vehicle Dynamics & Durability pages.

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