Solutions for industrial quality assurance as driver of growth

Winterthur, June 20, 2017 – The Kistler Group reports incoming orders with a total value of around 183 million US dollar by the end of May, an increase of 26% compared to the same period of the previous year after adjusting for currency effects. Quality assurance in digitized industrial production remains a focus topic. The inclusion of Kistler products in higher-level systems will make quality-relevant parameters easier to analyze and optimize in the future.

Strong demand from the international automotive industry

The strong growth of the Kistler Group compared to the same period of the preceding year is primarily due to strong demand from the automotive industry.

On the one hand, the American market with its new, emerging auto brands has posted strong demand. On the other, Kistler is benefiting from the development of capacity in the automotive production facilities in Asia and the European trend toward quality assurance, which are driving demand for our industrial production monitoring solutions.

Rolf Sonderegger, CEO Kistler Group

Industrial quality assurance starts with Kistler sensors…

Faulty parts which are to be installed in automobiles represent an enormous safety risk and force the automotive industry to make cost-intensive and image-damaging recall campaigns. For this reason, quality assurance integrated into the production process is of central importance, particularly for carmakers and their suppliers.

Kistler sensors are an important basis for a quality monitoring solution that offers far more than just precise measurement data. It also enables quality-relevant parameters to be controlled better and prevents faulty production.

… and includes the synchronization of all production data

After a pilot project of the Industrial Process Control (IPC) division for linking Kistler process data to an MES system (Manufacturing Execution System), it will be possible to easily incorporate more and more Kistler devices and systems into higher-level industrial production monitoring systems. The goals are continuous transparency and traceability within the production process.

"Our objective is the perfect synchronization of all production data. This will enable us to open up new possibilities for quality enhancement and thus cost reduction for our customers," Rolf Sonderegger explains the strategy.

In order to offer Kistler customers these extended quality assurance possibilities, Kistler will purchase know-how and technology and use it to extend its offering as a solution provider.

End-to-end quality assurance in industrial production

The switch and socket manufacturer Feller AG from Horgen, Zürich, uses Kistler technology for quality assurance. Quality control with Kistler low force sensors ensures that faulty parts are rejected from production at the earliest possible point in time.

For the market leader in the Swiss electrical installations sector, highly automated production with integrated quality assurance is a central precondition for even being able to produce in Switzerland. At a first glance, production costs may be lower in a low-wage country – but faulty parts could have fatal consequences for the entire installation. The declared goal of Feller AG is therefore to achieve just-in-time zero-defect production and thus lasting cost-optimization.

Find out more about end-to-end quality assurance in industrial production.


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