Boost your sports performance with the portable force plate solution – Kistler Elevate!

Simply step onto the portable force plates, jump – and check the results on your mobile, tablet or laptop! State-of-the-art technology from Kistler sends accurate, reliable data directly to our cloud. Self-testing couldn't be simpler with the Athlete app; and the Coach app offers advanced features such as research-based training recommendations and reference data to improve each athlete's sports performance. Benefit from Kistler's fifty years of experience in force plate technology, backed by our worry-free service package. Get smart. Get ahead. Get Kistler Elevate!

Increase sports performance with our portable force plates – this is how it works:
Five steps for optimal sports performance
  1. Athletes use the app to scan the QR code from the portable force plate and then choose their test protocol. Good to go!

  2. Voice guidance and training videos guide athletes through the jumps in their test sequence – directly on their smartphone.

  3. In split seconds, the app sends performance data to the Kistler Cloud – for access anywhere, anytime. No cables, no hard disks, no tricky connections.

  4. Data is already visible on the athlete's phone – ready to compare sports performance. Coaches can access advanced options including visualizations and in-depth comparisons against scientific reference data.

  5. Our force plate solution gives coaches the extra scientific support they need to develop and fine-tune workouts for each individual athlete. More clarity and more precision regarding individual’s sports performance – putting your athletes on track for an elevated position on the podium!
Portable force plates. One solution. Three components. Result: success!
Portable force plates from Kistler are are equipped with piezoelectric sensors.

Two accurate, highly portable force plates

Portable force plates: plug-and-play means no wasted time, no complex installation procedure and no extra costs. Low weight and compact dimensions for easy use anywhere. Roughened surface for excellent grip. Inside: state-of-the-art technology from the world leader in dynamic force measurement.

Kistler portable force plates come with two cloud-based apps, one forathletes and one for coaches.

Cloud-based Athlete and Coach apps

Two cloud-based apps: a mobile version for athletes and a web-based option for coaches. Customized to match each user's needs and preferences. Instant, crystal-clear data visualization – the easy, comfortable way to optimize sports performance.

Kistler portable force plates with a worry-free service package: warranty, repairs, immediate faulty part replacement.

Worry-free service package backed by Kistler's global network

We call it the worry-free package: warranty with immediate replacement of faulty parts, reliable repair service, instruction videos ... everything you'd expect from a provider with global reach. You train – we take care of everything else.

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