Die piezoelektrische Messtechnik von Kistler bietet einen extrem weiten, hochauflösenden Messbereich und ist darum gerade für Forschung, Entwicklung und Labor äusserst interessant.

Piezoelectric Measurements with CompactRIO™ – thanks to Kistler's 5171A Charge Amplifier Module

Piezoelectric measuring technology offers an extremely wide high-resolution measuring range – making it a highly attractive choice for research, development and laboratory applications. No matter whether you need to measure force, pressure or torque – Kistler's Type 5171A (also KI-5171A) charge amplifier module supports simple integration of piezoelectric sensors in CompactRIO™, the real-time control and data acquisition platform from National Instruments.


KI-5171A Charge Amplifier Module

Piezoelectric Signals Easily Integrated in NI CompactRIO™

Until now, users had to connect an external amplifier upstream to use piezoelectric sensors in NI CompactRIO™ applications. Now, Kistler's 5171A one- or four-channel 24-bit charge insert eliminates the need for these auxiliary devices.

Kistler Type 5171A (also KI-5171A) Key Features

  • 1 or 4 charge inputs
  • 24 bit analog-to-digital conversion
  • Data rate up to 50.8 kSps per channel
  • Measuring ranges: 1,000 ... 1,000,000 pC
  • Frequency ≈0 ... 20,000 Hz
  • Excellent drift and noise values
  • Status LED for each channel

With Kistler's Type 5171A charge amplifier module, you can benefit directly from the advantages of piezoelectric measurement technology in CompactRIO™, the real-time control and data acquisition platform from National Instruments. 

Superb Signal Quality – Simple to Configure

Cabling and configuration are far simpler because there is no need for auxiliary devices – and what's more, the signal quality is improved. With measuring ranges from ±1,000 pC up to ±1,000,000 pC, signals of different sizes can be acquired with high resolution.

Wide Frequency Range

Depending on the selected charge range, the usable frequency range is up to 20 kHz and a sample rate of up to 50.8 kSps is possible. And this module offers another impressive advantage for less dynamic applications: quasi-static measurements are possible down to almost 0 Hz, so (for example) slow force sequences can be acquired.

Piezoelectric Technology: Take Full Advantage of Its Strengths

One characteristic of piezoelectric sensors is their impressively broad, high-resolution measurement range. A force sensor prestressed with one meganewton can accurately measure signals in the range of just a few newtons without difficulty. Because piezoelectric sensors are so rigid, they offer very high natural frequencies that allow a wide utilization spectrum – so they are ideal for very fast processes. Another benefit: the extremely wide temperature range allows these sensors to measure where other technologies have to admit defeat.

Measuring Force, Pressure and Acceleration

Thanks to Kistler's 5171A charge amplifier module, all of these advantages are now conveniently available for use in real-time applications with NI's CompactRIOTM system – for force, pressure and torque signals alike.

Ideal for Test Bench Use, Research, Mobile Data Acquisition and Process Monitoring

Piezoelectric measurement technology is an especially attractive choice for research, development and laboratory use. Potential applications include mobile data acquisition, process monitoring and smaller-scale test bench systems. Direct integration means substantially lower development costs.

Moon Kyo Han
Sales Representative

Piezoelectric signals are easily integrated into CompactRIOTM systems

Direct programming in NI LabVIEWTM Tools

Simple to configure and use

Wiring effort is minimized

Multi-channel applications are easy to implement


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