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XYMonitoring Using maXYmos BL/TL

This application and product training course demonstrates how to use XY monitoring to further improve your product quality. The ultimate goals are enhanced image and competitiveness of your company. Real life examples will be used to transfer know-how about the XY monitor functions and the benefit of these functions. The mayor training format is hands-on learning based on case studies: you will operate XY monitors and develop useful solutions for various monitoring tasks.


- Menus Process/Setup/Service: functions, meaning and configuration
- Applications: instrument settings related to applications, evaluation functions output, traceability, data export
- Good part/bad part cause diagnostics
- Service, remote maintenance
- Digital I/O's: meaning and usage of signals, set-up, handshakes
- Profibus: meaning and usage of signals and parameters, set-up
- Troubleshooting


General information on Kistler training courses
Please send your registration/cancellation in writing to the contact person below. As attendance is limited, please send us your registration at the earliest possbile opportunity. The course fee covers all seminar documentation and refreshments during the course.

You may cancel your attendance without incurring charges up to three weeks before the start of the seminar. In the event of later cancelllation or failure to attend, we will charge you the full course fee.
Kistler reserves the right to cancel or amend the course for compelling reasons.


Registration and further information
Mrs. Annette Rasch
Tel. +49 7031 3090 0


The participant can integrate an XY monitoring system and, for example, add a force-movement monitoring function to an existing control and data structure.

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Users in all application areas. This course is particularly aimed at engineers responsible for measurements, quality, design and systems who search enhanced knowledge about the use of maXYmos monitors.


1 day (9:00 am – 4:30 pm)

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