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Introduction to Cavity Pressure Measurement

This basic course gives an introduction to cavity pressure measurement in plastic injection molding and provides participants with information on the use of cavity pressure sensors for process optimization, process analysis and quality monitoring.


- Basics of cavity pressure measurement
- Use and positioning of cavity pressure sensors
- Relationship between cavity pressure and molded part quality in the injection molding process
- Separation of good and bad parts through cavity pressure
- Process analysis, process optimization and quality monitoring with cavity pressure

There will be practical exercises on an injection-molding machine in this course.


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Registration and information
Mrs. Annette Rasch
Tel. +49 7031 3090 0


To enable participants to understand the fundamental relationships between cavity pressure, process and molded part quality and to have an overview of the use and handling of the different cavity pressure sensors.

대상 그룹

Machine operators, production managers, toolmakers, tool designers, quality assurance specialists.


1 day (09:00 am – 4:30 pm)

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