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Force Measurement Using Piezoelectric Sensors

This basic course provides an introduction into piezoelectric measurement technology and gives the participants important information on the dimensioning, mounting and maintenance of force sensors. The use of piezoelectric measuring chains will be practiced in workshops.


- Design and functional principle of piezo­electric force sensors
- Fitting and mounting
- Determination of preload and permissible load limits
- Direct force and force shunt measurement
- Design of the measuring chain
- From sensor signal to voltage signal
- Instructions on calibration

The different mounting variants are explained with the aid of practical application examples.
Measuring chains and mounting materials will be available for the participants to use. During a workshop, sensors will be mounted and checked in line with standard practice and measuring chains put into operation laboratory and industrial amplifiers.


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Registration and information
Mrs. Annette Rasch
Tel. +49 7031 3090 0


To enable participants to plan, put into operation and maintain force measurement instruments on their test stand or system.

대상 그룹

Users from all fields with little or no experience in the use of piezoelectric force sensors. This course is aimed particularly at measurement technicians, designers and plant engineers who would like to find out more about the use of piezoelectric force sensors.


1 day (9:00 am – 4:30 pm)

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