M10 pressure sensors 6613CG1 and 6613CG2 for on-line combustion control of large engines

M10 Pressure Sensors for On-Line Combustion Control of Large Engines

Thanks to Kistler's reliable and certified online cylinder pressure sensor for large engines, abnormalities in the combustion process can be detected at an early stage. Flexible with the regard to fuels, the customized pressure  sensor types can be used in gas as well as two- and four-stroke diesel engines. As an experienced and trustworthy partner, Kistler is familiar with the needs and requirements of the Marine and Stationary industry. 

The piezoelectric M10 pressure sensors 6613CG1 and 6613CG2 with integrated charge amplifier enable Closed Loop Combustion Control (CLCC) of gas, diesel and HFO fuel operated Marine and Stationary engines. CLCC enables constant and reliable real-time monitoring and controlling of engine performance, while optimal control allows for combustion optimization. This leads in return to better engine efficiency, minimizes emissions and thus saves energy. Additionally, predictive maintenance becomes easier. The robust quartz-measuring element is extremely stable and provides a very accurate and repeatable output signal over the lifespan of the pressure  sensor. 

Kistler, known for its solutions in the optimization of resources for Marine & Stationary, has designed this pressure sensor to maximize operating hours in diesel and gas engines, resulting in improved return on investment (ROI) figures for the user. The sensor is approved by major Marine classification societies, as well as ATEX and IECEx listed. 


Cylinder pressure sensor properties are:

  • Suitable for knock detection
  • Robust design, with excellent long term stability
  • Galvanic isolated signal 4 … 20 mA / 3 wires
  • For 2-stroke engines available with patented Kistler adapter for minimizing build-up combustion deposits 

M10 pressure sensor is recommended for:

  • Closed loop combustion control (CLCC)
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Monitoring tasks

Available cylinder pressure sensors types:


Detect abnormalities in the combustion process at an early stage

Minimize emissions and wear

Optimize maintenance intervals

Save fuel






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