Data acquisition and data analysis in vehicle NVH testing is efficiently supported by KiNOVA hardware and KiSUITE software.

Data acquisition and analysis for vehicle NVH testing with KiNOVA and KiSUITE

KiNOVA Lite is the engineer's ultra-portable companion when lower numbers of input signals need to be captured on the spot. Despite its compact dimensions, KiNOVA Lite delivers uncompromising accuracy thanks to its outstanding signal acquisition capabilities.

For more demanding applications, KiNOVA Pro offers higher levels of flexibility and performance. This hardware can be customized with a variety of cards and up to 32 channels per device, exactly in line with your needs. Multiple units can be daisy-chained to deliver even more measurement capability. And in almost every environment, KiNOVA Pro's built-in internal data storage and battery enable it to operate in standalone mode with no need for additional modules.

KiSUITE is the data analysis software platform for vehicle NVH testing that complements the KiNOVA acquisition hardware.

KiSUITE Analysis is a powerful yet intuitive platform for NVH data analysis and workflow customization. Thanks to a vast range of functions, users can perform almost every imaginable data operation with KiSUITE Analysis.

KiSUITE HITS supports hammer impact tests by providing straightforward and seamless guidance for users as they work through the acquisition and measurement process.

KiSUITE NVH is the dedicated data analysis software for powertrain NVH testing. It includes a comprehensive range of analysis tools such as spectral analysis, order analysis, waterfall plots, sound quality metrics, and many more.

KiSUITE SCA is based on Source Contribution Analysis for quantification of the dominant sources of noise and vibration with minimum effort.

To discover more about data acquisition and analysis for NVH testing with KiNOVA and KiSUITE, contact your Kistler Sales Engineer.


Tailor-made for automotive and powertrain NVH testing

Meets all mobility needs: on-the-spot, on the engine test bench, in-vehicle

Configurable and expandable

Fast setup, easy to use






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