Accelerometers for automotive NVH analysis from Kistler cover nearly all cases, including electrical engines.

Accelerometers for automotive NVH testing

Our extensive range of accelerometers for automotive NVH analysis includes solutions for almost every powertrain and vehicle application.

Alongside industry-standard quartz and ceramic sensing elements, Kistler offers highly sensitive IEPE accelerometers based on unique PiezoStar crystal technology – the solution of choice for high-temperature measurements.

For internal combustion engine applications, Kistler offers its accelerometers in the 8766A and 8765A series – chosen by engineers worldwide to measure with high accuracy, confidence and flexibility even under extreme conditions, thanks to the exceptional thermal stability and temperature performance of the PiezoStar crystal.

Measurements on electric motors may require ground isolation, lower acceleration ranges and broader frequency ranges. Sensors such as the 8764B, 8763B and 8766A offer the features needed for these applications, and they are equally suitable for classical structural and modal investigations.

For vehicle ride quality and durability, capacitive MEMS accelerometers such as the 8316A and 8396A ensure highly accurate measurements even when very low-frequency vibrations are present.

Our portfolio of accelerometers for automotive NVH analysis is complemented by a selection of cables, impact hammers and other accessories. To find the product that best suits your application, go here or contact your Kistler Sales Engineer.


Vast choice of sensors and configurations

PiezoStar guarantees high performance at high temperatures

Reliability and accuracy




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