Test data analysis and visualization with jBEAM software

jBEAM – the comprehensive software solution that analyzes and visualizes measurement data, and generates reports. jBEAM can run as a desktop program and also in web-based measurement data management (MDM) systems such as MaDaM.

Platform-independent and multilingual, our software has already been chosen by many leading automobile manufacturers and Level One suppliers: jBEAM gives them a strategic global solution for R&D processes, including all-round and application-specific data analytics, calculations and reporting.

Terabytes of data, hundreds of users and a diverse range of application areas: together with the EnCom communication protocol, jBEAM's open framework is the key to interactive test data analysis and visualization in a distributed environment.

Overview of jBEAM components and workflow:

General features:

  • Over 100 file formats supported with auto reload to change file content
  • Calculations based on quantities, taking account of the units for the values with conversion via unit service
  • Crash assessment calculations fully compliant with EURO and China NCAP regulations including passive and active safety
  • Measurement data synchronized with video and GPS data
  • GPS data visualized using map servers such as Google or Open Street Map
  • Varied range of graphic elements (including different graphs) to visualize data, real time controls and input controls
  • ASAM ODS database access
  • Auto resampling to common time grid
  • Flexible report generation with freely configurable footers and headers, font templates and multilingual report layouts
  • Group components to structure complex projects
  • Block diagram to visualize data dependencies in a jBEAM project
  • Multi-file processing and cluster awareness
  • Extensible with CEA Java components, Groovy or Python scripts and MATLAB functions via MATLAB wrapper
  • Available in multiple languages including English, German and Chinese
Max 25 MB