Global analysis of Big Test Data with MaDaM Connect

Volumes of measurement data are growing exponentially. This growth presents a major challenge: how can information be extracted from huge individual datasets in multiple "data lakes"? The response from Kistler: MaDaM Connect, the fast and secure connectivity solution, optimized for global analysis of distributed Big Test Data.

  • Fast searches on all data lakes (Elasticsearch)
  • State-of-the-art web technology
  • Automated processing of measurement data
  • Seamless integration of analyses
  • Geographically distributed evaluation implemented with parallel clusters
  • MDFS – a distributed file system, optimized for measurement data requirements
  • Secure data transmission

Running global analyses in parallel is the key to utilizing the full potential of all the data. Both data storage and processing capacities can be distributed on different nodes. Thanks to our MaDaM Connect solution, data is processed exactly where it is stored. This approach eliminates unnecessary data transfers – thus solving one of the critical problems posed by Big Data. To sum up the benefits: MaDaM Connect enables global searches, analyses and reporting across multiple data lakes – drastically reducing intercontinental data transfer.

Levels of parallelism and scalability for processing and analysis of Big Test Data with the MaDaM Connect solution

Users can perform fast searches and global data analyses with MaDaM Connect – made possible by enhanced data connectivity across different data lakes.
Max 25 MB