Portable force plates that come with a track record

When we call them portable force plates, we mean exactly that: Kistler Elevate is the force plate you can pick up and carry to wherever you need it. Then just plug it in and start training: that's what we mean by Plug and Play! Simple design that's elegant and robust – and inside the dual force plates, proven measurement technology from Kistler. Absolutely accurate data, anywhere, anytime – the key to raising sports performance to the max.

Kistler Elevate – portable dual force plates with an included QR code
  1. Dual force plate setup – to assess interlimb asymmetries

  2. Adjustable leveling feet – for safe, stable positioning anywhere, anytime

  3. Piezoelectric sensors – reliable, rugged quartz technology for maximum accuracy

  4. Anti-slip surface – maximum safety thanks to roughened texture for excellent grip

  5. Carry handle – gives you the portability and flexibility you need

  6. Integrated QR code – just scan and start measuring: your data is stored securely in the cloud

It couldn't be simpler!

No complex wiring, no tricky connections, no tools: one single cable supplies power and transmits data to the cloud. Step on the dual force plates and start measuring. Your data is stored safely in the cloud – for access and automated analysis anytime, anywhere.

Absolute accuracy – wherever you want it!

Just pick up your Kistler Elevate force plates by the notched handle and carry it to wherever you want it. As easy as carrying an overnight bag! So you can count on the same accurate measurements wherever you are, whenever you want to train.

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