Now's the time: get smart – get ahead – and get Kistler Elevate force plates!

As you read this, medal-winning athletes all over the world are stepping on to portable force plates from Kistler. There are many reasons for our half-century of success: world-beating piezoelectric technology, professional software, and easily portable hardware backed by global support. But the most important reason of all is something we share with you: a tireless passion for excellence – a conviction that even the best is not good enough.

Let us be your companion on the path to peak sports performance and brilliant victories.

May the force of Kistler be with you!




The portable force plate system Kistler Elevate includes full service – in all three bundles.


Hardware: Kistler Elevate portable force plates

Service: Worry-free service package (including repair and replacement service)

Customized results parameters: 0


50 users

Web portal for coach

Mobile app for athletes

Test protocols

Fixed result parameters

Limited export


The portable force plate system Kistler Elevate includes full service – in all three bundles.


Hardware: Kistler Elevate portable force plates

Service: Worry-free service package (including repair and replacement service)

Customized results parameters: : 0

Software :

50 users

Everything included in the Starter bundle, plus:

+ Full export
  (parameters + raw data)

+ Reference values

+ Training recommendations

+ Leaderboard

The portable force plate system Kistler Elevate includes full service – in all three bundles.


Hardware : Kistler Elevate portable force plates

Service: Worry-free service package (including repair and replacement service)

Customized results parameters: 5

Software :

150 users

Everything included in the Professional bundle, plus:

Additional users can be purchased in increments of +100



You focus on sports performance. We take care of everything else.

Whether you're an athlete or a coach: you're in it because you enjoy it. It's your passion! At Kistler, we firmly believe that our technology should add to the fun and thrills of optimizing sports performance. That's why we offer our worry-free service package with our portable force plate systems. When you opt for technology from the global leader, you expect more than just hardware and software. With the service package for Kistler Elevate, you won't be disappointed!

Force plate accessories

Kistler Elevate carry case

The carrying case for portable force plates has been optimized for handling and transportion of the Kistler Elevate system
  • Optimized for handling and transport of Kistler Elevate

  • Lightweight synthetic shells made of highly impact-resistant PE

  • Robust and ruggedized

  • Full mobility and precise handling

  • Weight: 8.4 kg / 15.5 Ibs

Force plate system – Frequently Asked Questions about Kistler Elevate


Q: What are force plates?

A: Force plates are measurement platforms with a force sensor in each corner. In biomechanics, they are used to characterize the way a person walks, runs or jumps. Force plates are often used for sports performance analysis and also in clinical applications and research.

Q: In sports performance, what can a force plate measure?

A: A force plate measures the human body's ground reaction force (GRF) when a person is in contact with the plate. As the person performs certain tests and movements, the system collects data which the matching software uses to compute and visualize relevant parameters. The result: deep and precise insights about movement patterns, asymmetries or weak spots as the basis for adjusting and optimizing an athlete's training.

Q: How are force plates used to optimize sports performance? What are the benefits?

A: Force plates are used in biomechanics to characterize how a person walks, runs or jumps. When they are used for sports performance analysis, the insights gained from the measurements can drastically improve sports performance, shorten the rehabilitation process and reduce the risk of injuries.

Q: Where and how can I buy force plates from Kistler?

A: If you're interested in using our portable force plates and systems, simply contact us and a local expert will get in touch with you and offer advice. Benefit now from the attractive subscription-based model for Kistler Elevate: a yearly usage package with functional warranty.

Q: How can I read the data from the force plate? And how can I use the data?

A: The system will automatically upload the data into the cloud backend. For processing in our force plate software, it is then converted into parameters that are easy to read and interpret. But you can also choose an option to export raw data.

The Kistler Elevate system and hardware

Q: What is included in the Kistler Elevate force plate system?

A: All bundles include two portable Kistler Elevate force plates, the necessary cables and two apps: one for athletes and another for coaches. Also included: the worry-free service package and a full set of training videos. Three product bundles are available: Starter, Professional or Ultimate. The software and the features it includes depend on your product bundle choice.

Q: Are Kistler Elevate force plates portable?

A: Yes, Kistler Elevate force plates are fully portable. Each plate weighs only 12 kg / 26.5 Ibs and measures 600 x 400 x 59 mm – and thanks to the built-in handles, you can simply pick your plate up, carry it to wherever you want and count on the same accurate measurements wherever you are. Find out more in our Kistler Elevate force plates section.

Q: How easy is it to install Kistler Elevate force plates?

A: It couldn't be simpler! Take the dual force plates out of the box, connect them both with the included cable and plug in the Ethernet cable (also included). Then simply download the Athlete app – now you’re all set and ready to start measuring!

Athlete app and Coach app – Kistler Elevate force plate software

Q: The Coach app and the Athlete app – what's the difference?

A: Kistler Elevate comes with an Athlete app and a Coach app: two different apps, each with different features. The Athlete app provides video and voice guidance to accompany you through the testing process, and it also includes simple data visualizations. The Coach app offers more detailed sports performance analysis, with performance comparisons, training recommendations and scientific reference data. Find out more in our Kistler Elevate software section.

Q: Kistler Elevate offers training recommendations. What are they based on?

A: The Kistler Elevate Coach app offers scientifically proven and evidence-based training recommendations using the force-velocity curve.

Q: What is the reference data and where does it come from?

A: Over the years, Kistler has captured reliable, valid data from professional sports teams that use our force plates for testing – and we will continue to collect this data in the future. Many different types of data are available for easy selection and display in the Coach app, so coaches can compare their trainees with professional athletes in their particular sport.

Q: What parameters do the force plates measure, and what does the software display?

A: The apps display several standardized output parameters such as Jump Height, Maximum Force, Maximum Power, Average Power, Use of Elastic Energy, Lateral Asymmetry and Bilateral Deficit. These parameters provide a full in-depth view of athletes' movement patterns so their sports performance can be analyzed. However, many sports require specific or different parameters, and coaches also have their own preferences: this is why we provide the option of including your own parameters in the force plate software on request (available in the Kistler Elevate Ultimate bundle).

Force plate services and Kistler Elevate bundles

Q: Can I upgrade my Kistler Elevate system bundle after I've purchased it?

A: Yes, you have the option of upgrading your bundle to a higher tier. It's very convenient: simply contact us to request your upgrade, and the new bundle will be unlocked by the start of the next month. You won’t have to pay the full yearly rate for your old bundle if you didn’t use it for that long. You’ll only be charged the monthly rate for the time you actually used the lower tier.









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