Kistler Custom Product Lane
Welcome to our rapid response team!

You urgently need tailor-made measurement technology for your engineering project? We’re up to the challenge! The Kistler Custom Product Lane (CPL) is there to provide you with high-quality sensor solutions and systems according to your specific requirements.

Who are we?

A dedicated team of experienced specialists dedicated to developing customer-specific products or mockups for your new application, with minimum throughput times. Our Custom Product Lane experts take on end-to-end responsibility for the entire process: we handle every stage of the development process for you – from the initial specifications until the product is safely delivered to you on time – and we'll try to beat your deadline!

What can we offer to you?

  • To start with: a prototype sensor or sensing system for your application or product development project
  • Modified or customized products (sensors, cables or electronics) tailored to your needs
  • Complete sensing systems that best meet your measuring requirements

Products tailored exactly to customers’ specifications

Rapid response to every inquiry

End-to-end responsibility from kickoff to delivery

Short throughput times

Our commitment: guaranteed reliability

Dedicated and highly skilled team with access to Kistler’s entire global resources

Michael Müller
Head of CR&D Custom Product Lane

„Our highly energized and experienced team of specialists are standing by to drive your project to a reliable outcome at maximum speed! We‘re curious, we‘re pragmatic, we‘re flexible – and we‘re eager to accelerate to top speed whenever you need a mockup for your application or a custom product of optimum quality at short notice."

Customer project phases

As soon as you send us your request, we'll contact you to clarify details and start developing a proposal:

  • Feasability study
  • Proposal
  • Cost and time estimation
First send us your request and we will clarify all the details with you in the new Custom Product Lane.

When we've agreed everything, you send your order to your local Kistler sales engineer:

  • Order
  • Order confirmation from Kistler
After an agreement on your specific Custom Product Lane solution, you send your order to your Kistler Sales Engineer.

We initialize your project and start processing the order:

  • Project planning and kick-off
  • Engineering and product development
  • Production planning and realization
  • Testing and quality check
  • Shipping
  • Project recap and support
Product Spectrum

In this agile world, you need in-depth knowledge about the product, process or system you're developing at a very early stage of your project. But: the right sensor or sensing system to perform the necessary measurements may not be available on the market. That's where Custom Product Lane comes in: it's our passion to tackle the challenge of developing a measuring system that will best meet your needs.

a) With order-specific upstream engineering before production:

  • Measuring spark plug
  • Glow plug adapter

b) With customer-specific engineering:

  • Modified or customized products

Kistler offers an extensive portfolio of standard sensors and measuring systems – but there are some cases where no standard sensor or system is suitable. It's our passion to provide you with exactly the measuring tool that will best meet your requirements. To achieve this, the Custom Product Lane team will work closely with you to analyze your specific setup in depth, develop a sensing solution, manufacture and calibrate the final product, and deliver it to you.

Application examples:

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