Restart Assistant: Identical Reproduction of Injection Molding Process, even after Changing Machines

ComoNeo V2.0 comes with a feature called Restart assistant. It makes it possible for users to transfer pre-established processes from one machine to another with no problems at all.

This makes it easy for users who have no previous knowledge of cavity pressure to optimize processes and improve part quality. Furthermore a change of machines is no problem at all which increases the flexibility of the user.

Advantages of Restart Assistant

  • Users are guided through the individual steps 
  • Know-how is integrated within the system, so users do not need to be specialists 
  • Systematic approach 
  • Standardized, documented procedure 
  • Transparent, no dependencies on individual staff members 
  • Time is saved on process start-up 
  • Part quality differences are minimized when manufacturing on different machines 
  • Users' process understanding is actively developed 

The Restart module has been integrated into the system since ComoNeo Version 2.0. The purpose of this module is to reproduce the quality of an established injection molding process identically on another machine. The Restart Assistant is therefore used as a tool to optimize injection molding processes, rather than as a monitoring instrument. 

Know-How Integrated in the Restart Assistant 

With this module, processes can be quickly and systematically optimized after a machine change, and the procedure is user-guided. As the basis for the procedure, the Restart Assistant needs a reference curve representing a process of good quality.

Once the reference cycle is stored and the Restart Assistant is started, measurement and analysis of the current process can begin. Deviations from the reference cycle are analyzed in detail. Based on the degree and position of the deviation, the Restart Assistant automatically suggests changes to the machine parameters. 

After checking the results, new changes are suggested on the basis of the deviations and the Assistant's accumulated experience of previous changes. Process optimization is completed when the cavity pressure profile deviations are reduced to a tolerable level.

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