NVH testing

Efficient powertrain NVH testing and refinement thanks to KiNOVA

Designed for powertrain noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) testing: KiNOVA – the complete measuring chain 

Testing solutions to optimize the noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) performance of a vehicle become more and more important. Automotive propulsion system technology is constantly evolving - addressing market requirements with respect to energy efficiency, electric drive and hybrid propulsion systems, whilst at the same time, meeting customer expectations regarding the smooth response and drivability of their vehicles. 

It is a key challenge for vehicle manufacturers to measure, interpret and engineer on the basis of powertrain data acquired through NVH testing in the most efficient way. To support this workflow and assist NVH engineering in all phases of powertrain development and refinement, Kistler has developed KiNOVA, a flexible and complete system of tools for data acquisition and analysis.

Starting from the sensor, KiNOVA covers the complete workflow seamlessly - through measuring and analyzing by means of the advanced application specific software: KiSUITE. It features various powerful and convenient application modules (Apps) allowing the user to perform specific NVH testings on the powertrain. KiNOVA is compatible with existing Kistler NVH sensors and other commonly used transducers for NVH applications.

Advantages of KiNOVA:

  • Flexible and complete range of tools for data acquisition and powertrain NVH analysis
  • Specifically designed for powertrain development and refinement
  • Deployable in-vehicle, at engine bench or wherever NVH measurement is required
  • Quick setup and easy to use





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