VDI Conference Injection Molding 2019

This year's annual conference of VDI on injection moulding fully focuses on digitization: on the one hand, it's about changes in product creation (agile development, digital twin etc.), on the other hand, the digitization of manufacturing itself. The latter, being also the main area of interest for Kistler, is talking about technological trends like MES, artifical intelligence and additive manufacturing.

On Wednesday, February 20 at 11h30, Markus Raffelsieper, Sales engineer Plastics at Kistler in Sindelfingen, is going to speak about practical experiences with prognostic models. Main subject will be the integrated ComoNeo software feature "quality prognosis" and how to optimize development and production processes with it regarding product quality. Showing a design of experiments for a perfusor bracket, Raffelsieper explains this new systematic and digitally assisted approach.

Meet Kistler expert Markus Raffelsieper at the VDI conference 2019 in Baden-Baden,  and become familiar with ComoNeo, one of the most advanced process monitoring systems for injection moulding available on the market – a Kistler booth will be present all the time on both days.

VDI Conference Injection Molding 2019
19.02.2019 - 20.02.2019
Baden - Baden, Germany
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