Plastic Webinar Italy 2019

Mold Trial Optimization with Cavity Pressure Profile

Speed-up the setup phase at each production restart thanks to Kistler sensors!

Using the real cavity pressure curve you can optimize your injection molding machine parameters to obtain the required quality standards. Automatically manage the scrap selection to minimize costs and operator times.

Discover how to quickly obtain the optimized injection molding cycle and keep it along!

Join Kistler Webinar on 26.02!

Useful Informations: Webinar will be in Italian language.

Plastic Webinar Italy 2019
Mold Trial Optimization Webinar
10.00 AM - 11:30 AM

Michele Segato
Kistler Italia Srl
+39 0248 12751

Michele Segato
Michele Segato
Sales Engineer IPC - East Area
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