Combustion analysis with the Kistler mobile cylinder pressure indication system KiBox delivers real-time , parameters.

Onboard combustion analysis – mobile cylinder pressure indication system for real-time data

Onboard combustion analysis – you haven’t come across the KiBox yet? The mobile indication system from Kistler, known in the field of engine development and modern in-cylinder pressure indication technology respectively, complements our product range for cylinder pressure indication. It’s an independent system that delivers a complete combustion analysis onboard and on the test bench. The flexible and easy-to-handle KiBox provides detailed information about the combustion process, including time- or angle-based cylinder pressures and other key characteristic data for engine development. Measurement data is recorded with parallel calculation and output in real time. This information provides insights into the quality of combustion in terms of performance, efficiency, emissions and comfort.

You can trust in our long-term experience and leadership in the field of innovative, application-oriented measurement systems for engine development.

Advantages of onboard combustion analysis with the KiBox system for cylinder pressure indication:

  • Compact indication system specifically designed for mobile applications in vehicles
  • Fast ready-to-measure time, simple to operate
  • Time-based combustion analysis system
  • No external crank angle encoder required 
  • Real-time calculation of combustion analysis parameters
  • Limiting value monitoring with data backup
  • Remote API interface
  • Convenient integration with ETAS INCA, VECTOR CANape and ATI VISION, or any environment supporting CAN data measurement
  • Standalone operation possible without a PC (Stream, CAN output)
  • Universal test bench interface for Morphee, PUMA Open, Stars etc.
  • Direct connection of piezoelectric and piezoresistive pressure sensors, including those with PiezoSmart functionality
  • Added virtual channels by demultiplexing, so ignition or injection timing calculations can be performed for all cylinders 

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