Quality assurance in fastening technology ensures that process deviations are detected at an early stage.

Maximum quality and process reliability in fastening technology

To maximize quality and cut costs, fastening technology must be continuously monitored and tested. In virtually every sector of industry, assembly with bolts and screws is one of the most frequently used joining processes in manufacturing. It’s crucially important for bolted joints to function safely and reliably – otherwise, there will be the risk of recalls and additional costs.

We offer an extensive portfolio of test and analysis systems. They analyze the functional characteristics of bolted joints (such as the coefficient of friction, preloading force or torque) and also bolting tools; they capture all the measured values and provide a clear presentation of the documented results. These systems allow targeted monitoring of tolerance limits, and they ensure that process deviations in fastening technology are detected at an early stage.

Monitoring of joining processes in manufacturingenhances quality assurance from R&D up to final product.
High-performance test systems for bolted joints from Kistler enable fast and efficient accomplishment of quality assurance.
Monitoraggio della qualità dei giunti bullonati

Thanks to our high-performance hardware and software, measurements of torque and rotation angles are simple, fast and efficient. 

Inspection systems for calibration of torque tools from Kistler ensure continuous high tool performance.
Test e taratura di chiavi dinamometriche ed avvitatori

Calibration of torque tools is essential in any modern production facility – but certification is also an absolute requirement. 

Systems for process inspection in fastener assembly from Kistler help boost level of quality assurance and productivity
Ispezione del processo

High-performance tools play an important part in producing reliable bolted joints, but inspection and verification of the fastener components and the bolted joint are also key factors.

Kistler offers an extensive range of products for monitoring bolting processes with torque sensors
Monitoraggio e controllo del processo di avvitatura per l’assicurazione della qualità

Kistler offers an extensive range of products for quality assurance in the bolting process. Piezoelectric reaction torque sensors deliver precise torque measurements so that handheld screwdrivers can be reliably calibrated.

Process automation in industrial production: Smart Single Stations for assembly and testing according to customers' specifications.
Advanced fastener testing with ANALYSE systems for reliable zink flake coatings in the automotive and wind turbine industries
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