End-of-line (EOL) test stands from Kistler efficiently ensure the quality of electric motors and powertrain components.

End-of-line test stands for electrical drive systems

Integrated directly into production lines, end-of-line (EOL) test stands from Kistler offer an efficient solution to ensure the quality of electric motors and powertrain components. These test stands are produced precisely in line with customers’ requirements to seamlessly align with specific production environments. And even if space is limited, a vast number of tests can be performed thanks to fully automated solutions from Kistler.

The Kistler Group has two engineering facilities for electric motor test stands in Germany and China – enabling us to implement EOL test stand concepts flexibly in response to the varying requirements of different markets and customers. This applies to the entire process chain, from design, structuring and actual production of the test stand through to commissioning and service.

As regards vehicle motors, the focus is on performance and efficiency; industrial applications, on the other hand, benefit from speed-regulated drives that can be controlled with high precision for many different applications. E-bikes and e-scooters are also gaining in popularity as time goes on, and their ongoing technological development will be a factor in the coming years.

High-quality production with process reliability

EOL test stands from Kistler automatically diagnose and qualify every single product and separate items if necessary. Their role is to guarantee high quality and transparency for all powertrain components – including motors, transmissions and inverters – and also for complete powertrains.

End-of-line (EOL) test stands from Kistler are designed to match:

  • Each customer’s specific test plans
  • The planned throughput of your system
  • The level of automation you want
  • The flexibility you need for your system
  • The scalability you want
  • Requirements for networking with higher-level systems (such as MES)

Complete solution from one single source

Direct in-line integration

Variable and customized test stand design

Efficient quality testing

High process reliability

Extensive performance scope with large numbers of tests

Transparent and traceable test stand operation

Individual software connection to the automation environment

Consistently modular design ensures that investments are protected

Improved product quality and optimized production

Comprehensive project management and variable choice of services

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