Clamping force measurement is effectively accomplished by means of piezoelectric sensor technology from Kistler

Precise clamping force measurement – ensuring the right configuration of connectors and contacts

It is important for the two elements of plug-and-socket connectors (both detachable and non-detachable) to enable good electrical contact. This means that the clamping force of connector contacts has to be verified accurately. Kistler offers reliable high-precision sensor technology for indirect measurements of the clamping force based on the insertion and withdrawal forces. State-of-the-art monitoring systems are used to visualize and evaluate these two forces, and thus enable an integrated quality assurance.

Advantages of measuring clamping forces with piezoelectric sensor technology from Kistler:

  • Wide measuring range and high sensitivity, especially for small forces
  • Sensors with overload protection
  • Evaluation based on window technology
  • Retrofitting is straightforward
  • Integrated process monitoring
  • 100% verification

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