The NCFR Joining Module from Kistler: The New Basis for 100% Quality in Linear and Rotary Joining Processes

Thanks to the NCFR Joining Module, joining processes can now be performed in combination with rotary movements. With its excellent flexibility and low energy consumption, this module will help the automobile industry and the automotive supply sector to cut energy costs in series production.

The NCFR Module's compact design ensures excellent dynamic characteristics, creating the basis for dramatically reduced cycle times. Integrated sensors continuously capture and evaluate force and displacement − as well as rotation angle and torque − with maximum precision, so 100% quality and control are ensured.

The joining process is monitored by the maXYmos NC: activated via fieldbus, this monitoring system evaluates and documents XY profiles for joining and press-fit processes, together with the NCFR Joining Module and the IndraDrive servo amplifier that is included in the system. The patterns of measurement curves can be used to monitor and control the quality of a single production step, a sub-assembly or an entire product.

The benefits: optimal cycle times can be achieved with maximum repeat accuracy, unplanned downtime is minimized and machine availability is increased – adding up to a boost in productivity for the entire manufacturing process.

One Module – Multiple Benefits

All the NCFR Joining Module's systems are pre-tested to make handling extremely simple: sequence programming is child's play with parameterization on the PC or touch panel, and even the most complex joining processes are simple to display thanks to sequencer mode.

Users of the NCFR Joining Module will also enjoy additional benefits: thanks to the integrated servo amplifier, for instance, all processes performed in assembly and product testing can be controlled with high precision. Another example: all NC joining systems allow the user to change measuring ranges, with easy switching between measuring programs – so very different components can be manufactured on one and the same machine.

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Energy-efficient systems: savings of up to 80% on energy

Space-saving design, minimal installation work

The joining process can be monitored and tracked

Low-maintenance operation

Universal operating philosophy throughout the maXYmos family

Hollow-shaft motors make for compact design

Axial forces up to 15 kN, torque up to 50 N·m

Max 25 MB