The modular assembly and test station by Kistler: equally suitable for inline integration and as a standalone solution.

Modular assembly and test station – for a flexible response to every requirement – Smart Single Station

The modular assembly and test station – or Smart Single Station (SST) – from Kistler is a complete production cell. The SST is equally suitable for standalone operation and use as an integration solution for existing assembly lines.

Production plants need to be flexible so they can respond quickly and efficiently to changes in process or capacity requirements. This is why we have designed the Smart Single Station so that it can automatically implement the many different assembly processes required in production sectors such as automotive and electromobility.

Every level of automation and a high degree of integration – all from one single source

Smart Single Stations from Kistler are backed by over 60 years of application know-how in measurement, joining and testing. Based on the modular principle, SSTs are assembled from tried-and-tested proprietary Kistler components and systems.

The fast and easy way to adapt your production to new manufacturing processes: our modular assembly and test stations can be configured to meet customers' specific needs. They can be modified at any time – right down to tooling level. We implement systems with every level of automation, ranging from manual workstations to semi- and fully-automated assembly stations.

Maximum process stability, product quality, resource efficiency and 100 percent traceability

All press-fit and joining applications – riveting, clinching and many more – require stable and reproducible processes. High-precision piezoelectric measurement technology, integrated electromechanical NC joining systems/servo presses and process monitoring systems guarantee maximum process stability, optimum product quality and 100 percent traceability.

Did you know that electromechanical joining systems/servo presses achieve far greater energy efficiency than pneumatic or hydraulic systems?

Components of our modular assembly and test stations (Smart Single Stations)

  • Servo press modules: NC joining modules (NCFT, NCFH, NCFS, NCFN, FCFE, NCFR)
  • Servo press tools for pressing, clinching and punching, etc.
  • IndraDrive C servo amplifier
  • maXYmos NC process monitoring systems for efficient force-displacement monitoring
  • Safety and control technology

Our Joining Competence Center (JCC) gives you added value
Every joining process is unique – and so are its parameters. We invite you to work with our team in the Kistler Joining Competence Center to optimize and validate your joining process before it's implemented in the SST. That way, you'll save time and money at the commissioning stage.

Do you need modular automation solutions for assembly and testing in your production facility? And do you want everything from one single source?
We'll be glad to support you! Our portfolio includes everything – from individual components through to the complete Smart Single Station. Don’t hesitate to contact us!


Everything from one single source

Customized configuration

Excellent flexibility

High automation level 

High degree of integration 

Resource-efficient and cost-effective

Worldwide service

Developed in our Joining Competence Centers under real-world conditions

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