ComoDataCenter: central storage of production data

ComoDataCenter links all the ComoNeo systems together, combining process- and quality-related production data for both live and completed orders in one database.

ComoDataCenter gives users an overview of the status of each injection molding machine, and also enables cross-plant production monitoring and process analysis. This allows comparisons between machines and rapid identification of especially good or bad performance values. Data can be accessed at any time via a web browser – even from a mobile end device.

ComoDataCenter's extensive data history is quick and easy to search with the help of predefined filters. This makes it easy to carry out multi-level searches for production orders and batches. ComoDataCenter also offers you numerous evaluation functions for detailed analyses of process fluctuations and scrap cycles.


All recorded process data is stored centrally

Process fluctuations are detected quickly

Detailed analysis options and statistical evaluations of all historic and live production runs

Storage and management of all mold settings

Max 25 MB