Integration solutions for test automation

Compact systems for general image processing tasks

Integration solutions for test automation by Kistler, such as the compact system (series KVC 42x) allow direct integration of camera stations as modules in existing production lines – i.e. without the complete automated test system. These solutions require an industrial PC for image processing and a control cabinet assembly, which are installed within one common housing.

This arrangement has multiple benefits for users:

  • Unrestricted functionality of current image processing software for varied applications in industrial punched and turned part production, and general automation
  • Simple integration into existing production lines thanks to compact dimensions and industry-compliant peripherals
  • Uniform user and menu interfaces
  • No additional external network components are required
  • Image processing components and IPC are interchangeable within the KVC product line

100% control – even when testing is more complex

We offer the KVC 350 automated test system as an additional integration solution for test automation. This system is ideal for testing complex fasteners. It includes multiple test stations (mainly camera-based) that are approached successively with a linear axis. In the basic version, good parts are fed to and removed from the workpiece holder manually, but these operations can be automated at any time with a suitable handling system.

Advanced testing and sorting functions

  • Dimensional checking
  • 360° outer surface checks
  • Surface inspections with the Trevista reflected light dome illumination unit
  • Hardness testing
  • Identification of good parts by printer

Product groups

Complex safety-critical fasteners such as preloading bolts

Trevista is a registered trademark of our partner SAC


Simple integration into existing production lines

Multiple characteristics captured in one test cycle

(max 25 Mb)