Optimized semiconductor production thanks to integrated measurement technology

Integrated process control in the semiconductor production as part of smart manufacturing increase cost-effectiveness

New technologies and applications require more powerful semiconductors. Although their architecture is more complex, they are becoming even smaller and their design is focused specifically on customized solutions. For manufacturers, this means that force – as the critical process variable – must be controlled and monitored throughout semiconductor production.

Unless force measurement technology is integrated in the machine, it will be virtually impossible to meet the upcoming challenges.

Measurement technology from Kistler enables continuous quality monitoring in real time, based on accurate measurement data – opening the way for manufacturers to implement sustainable improvements to their production processes.

Experience pays dividends when it comes to quality

Thanks to over 60 years of experience with piezoelectric measurement technology, we can provide exactly the support that machinery manufacturers and fabrication companies require. As a global partner for the industry, we optimize semiconductor production by providing integrated measurement technology as the key to ensuring quality.


Enhanced process reliability

Increased productivity

Process monitoring and documentation

Improved product quality

Reduced quality costs

Traceability and transparency

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