How to integrate process monitoring into your medical device production

As a medical device manufacturer, you're confronted with a multitude of mandatory national and international standards and guidelines that regulate the traceability of all your quality-relevant production data. Integrated process monitoring is already helping many medtech manufacturers to meet the challenges of compliance with these strict requirements. In this webinar, Kistler experts Stephan Vogel and Martin Lack explain how you can integrate measurement technology directly into your production line. The session begins with an introduction to the basics of this state-of-the-art approach. Then, your hosts will focus on some key issues:

  • How to choose the best sensor for your specific purpose?

The new maXYmos TL ML process monitoring and control system, specifically designed for the medtech industry:

  • What new functions does it offer you?
  • How does it ensure even better integration into medical lines?
  • Inline calibration of measuring chains: how does it work?
  • Stephan Vogel, Head of Business Development
  • Martin Lack, Head of Product Management
40 min
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Martin Lack
Martin Lack
Team Leader Product Management
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