DTI - Sicurezza veicolo

Maximum efficiency and process reliability in crash tests

Crash tests play a crucial part in vehicle development: their results give manufacturers and suppliers valuable information about the behavior of vehicles and their components, and on how a crash impacts the occupants. That's why the measurement technology has to meet such demanding requirements: long-lasting, reliable sensors are the key to obtaining precise and dependable measurement results.

For automobile manufacturers and suppliers to the automotive industry, DTI technology opens up a new dimension of process efficiency. What makes this possible: an intelligent interface concept whereby each bus interface supports up to 12 channels per circuit. Only digital data circuits are used, so there's no need to install analog signal cables. The bus interfaces connect the DiMod sensor to the very small but rugged data recorder. Just one Ethernet cable transmits the stored data from the local recorder (positioned in the dummy) to a data interface box installed in the vehicle. Known as the COMBox, this device connects all the in-vehicle DTI systems to the central network.


Space-saving system for in-dummy installation

Minimal cable volume in the dummy

Only one Ethernet cable from dummy to vehicle

Uniform heat and energy distribution

Max 25 MB