PiezoStar Crystal

What is a PiezoStar Crystal?

PiezoStar is a registered trademark that refers to all crystal types that Kistler grows inhouse.

What are the advantages of PiezoStar crystals?

PiezoStar crystals offer, depending on the crystal type, higher sensitivity, and better high-temperature stability than standard quartz crystals. PiezoStar crystals are typically used in sensors for measuring very small forces, i.e. pressure signals or perform measurements at higher temperatures. A PiezoStar sensor is, therefore, able to extend the application range in place of commonly used quartz-based pressure sensors. Kistler offers piezoelectric sensors based on both quartz and PiezoStar.

Depending on the application, we can develop and use a tailored PiezoStar crystal featuring the right properties and behavior for very specific sensors.

Thanks to the inhouse growing of the PiezoStar crystal, Kistler can ensure the supply of crystals to their sensor factory and are not depending on other sources.

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