Industrial Test Systems

Industrial Test Systems from Kistler – Individual Control for 100% Quality

Monitoring, preliminary testing and control of subassemblies and finished products provide the essential bedrock for all successful industrial production processes – in sectors as varied as the automotive and consumer goods industries, medical technology, packaging and electronics. Kistler offers a comprehensive portfolio of piezoelectric sensor technology as well as complete test stand solutions for in-process, end-of-line and offline measurements.

Industrial Test Systems
Electric Motor Testing

Development work on drive systems for electromobility and high-efficiency engines calls for testing and measurement technology that can meet the highest standards of serviceability and flexibility.

Industrial Test Systems
Measuring of Connector Forces

It is important for the two elements of plug-and-socket connectors (both detachable and non-detachable) to enable good electrical contact.

Industrial Test Systems
Tactile Behavior

In the electronics and automotive industries, certain products (control elements) require tactile/haptic testing to guarantee that the components will always deliver the desired functionality.

Industrial Test Systems
Spring Testing

Function testing of springs, determining spring rates or classifying springs according to their technical characteristics (such as length) – these are just a few instances where spring testing processes are essential for quality assurance.

Industrial Test Systems
Friction and Efficiency Testing

Calculating the efficiency of pumps, transmissions and engines requires a comparison of input and output power.

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