Automotive Testing Open House 2021

Will you be in town for the 2021 Automotive Testing Expo? Don't forget to register and visit Kistler's tech center in Novi, MI during our annual Open House.

On display and ready for some hands-on testing: a fully instrumented vehicle with wheel force transducers, torque, position and angle sensors, speed and slip angle sensors, steering and pedal robots for durability, dynamics and tire testing.

Products showcased:

Steering and combined pedal robot from Vehico, Kistler wheel force transducers, measurement steering wheel sensor, wheel vector/position Sensor (RV4), wheel pulse transducer, S-motion, laser height sensor, DTI logger (data acquisition) and more!

Join us for hands-on on robot installation reviews, the newest KiRoad Wireless wheel force transducer, a demo on robot operation, and wheel instrumentation covering RV4/Optical/Ride height.

Kistler's latest advancement on the Kibox2: Kistler has redesigned the KiBox with hardware that maximizes efficiency in powertrain development. The KiBox2 features a modular system with state-of-the-art technologies. KiBox2 advantages include:

  • Versatile, high-performance data acquisition platform designed for today's and upcoming industry requirements
  • Reliable and recognized Kistler precision
  • Intuitive handling and simplified workflows to increase efficiency and minimize the learning curve
  • Robust, compact, and scalable architecture
  • Innovative data management

And finally, In cooperation with CTS, Kistler is now offering the biofidelic PRIMUS dummy coupled with high-precision measurement technology. Digital sensor technology from Kistler is fully integrated into PRIMUS allowing autonomous data acquisition without influencing the dummy. Customers now benefit from greater scope for crash tests, product development, operational training and modeling or reconstruction of dynamic processes.

One-on-one meetings will be available for the duration of the event! 

Automotive Testing Open House 2021
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Novi Tech Center
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Eric Petersen
Eric Petersen
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