KiRoad Wireless HDR consists of a WLAN-capable onboard unit and a wheel unit with the rotary encoder.

The world’s first wireless wheel force transducer system: KiRoad Wireless HDR

KiRoad Wireless HDR is a complete wheel force measurement system that does away with cabling both inside and outside the vehicle. Based on far-field telemetry, this modular solution comprises a WLAN-capable onboard unit (with the electronics), a wheel unit, and a rotary encoder. The data acquired with our wireless wheel force transducer is critically important for vehicle durability and dynamics tests as well as tire performance characterizations.

Reduced installation effort and easy operation

KiRoad Wireless HDR (High Data Rate) features data transmission via WLAN (2.4 GHz, wireless standard: IEEE 802.11n). This enables the wheel force transducer system to function entirely without cables, with no need for time-consuming adaptations and no equipment attached to the outside of the vehicle. The streamlined design also eliminates protruding parts, so the vehicle's contours are unchanged. 

Advanced design features for a superior user experience

KiRoad Wireless HDR includes many innovations that ensure maximum efficiency and reliability. The replaceable battery pack offers minimum capacity of 4 hours at –20°C (a key advantage for winter testing). Digital data output is available for all channels via CAN, DTI or Ethernet, and the KiCenter software or a browser can be used to configure the system and visualize the measurement results.

Optimized rotary encoder and wheel unit

Thanks to the innovative rotary encoder concept used with KiRoad Wireless HDR, test engineers no longer need to connect cables or components to the vehicle before launching a test. The wheel unit, with its integrated calculation function and transmitter, is designed to be waterproof and is easy to install and remove – so setup time and effort are minimized.

Easy to retrofit on Kistler RoaDyn WFTs

KiRoad Wireless HDR can easily be retrofitted on all current RoaDyn wheel force transducers to give customers the major benefits of a cable-free measuring system. All forces and moments on the wheel can be measured in each of the three spatial directions, with wheel angle and angular speed measurements also available. Intensive practical tests with pilot customers have confirmed the system's accuracy and reliability.

A solution based on years of KISTLER expertise and experience

Kistler has a long track record of innovation and success with wheel force transducers. WFTs in the RoaDyn series were the first systems that used near-field telemetry to transmit data to the vehicle. 6-component wheel force transducers from Kistler have long been established as the industry standard, and the components of KiRoad Wireless HDR are fully compatible with these tried-and-tested WFTs.


Cable-free vehicle testing

Far-field telemetry with data transmission via WLAN

Minimized setup time and effort

Compatible with all current RoaDyn wheel force transducers

Designed with Kistler experience and expertise


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