Rotating dynamometers (RCD) to measure cutting forces directly on the cutting edge

In machining processes, everything is geared to boosting productivity. A rotating dynamometer (RCD) is a diagnostic tool that is inserted directly into the machine tool's spindle. When an RCD is used, the cutting forces that act on the edge are measured directly on the rotating tool – even when the machining processes are highly complex. The cutting process can be analyzed and optimized with the help of the measured data.  

Kistler's RCDs are based on piezoelectric measurement technology. This method achieves superior results as compared to other technologies, with signal quality that is unsurpassed anywhere in the world. The key characteristic: highly dynamic acquisition of the forces. The piezo technology principle makes it possible to switch measuring ranges – and in the RCDs, this advantage comes into full play when users need to select the right range. Just one single device always ensures optimum resolution of finishing processes as well as high-performance cutting processes.


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