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Enregistré: 29/06/2022
50 min
Kistler sensors for Transfer Path Analysis (TPA) in automotive applications

Transfer Path Analysis (TPA) is an increasingly adopted approach to control and engineer vehicle Noise, Vibration & Harshness (NVH) performance to meet product and comfort design requirements. TPA already supports many vehicle development processes – from troubleshooting to optimization, from validation to predictive analysis – just to name a few. However, from the measurement technology perspective, accurate TPA results require the correct choice of sensors and measuring chains, which in most cases follows careful consideration of the application. 

This webinar provides an overview of key challenges in Transfer Path Analysis and the most suitable Kistler products for automotive NVH applications


  • Brief introduction to TPA
  • Review of key challenges in TPA testing
  • Overview of Kistler products for TPA in automotive NVH

You can register now for one of the sessions in order to join this webinar.

Can’t attend live? No worries! We will be recording both sessions. Please register to get the recording in your inbox after the webinar.

Dr. Roberto D'Amico, Business Driver NVH
Eric Petersen, Sales Manager North America, Vehicle Testing
Markus Meissauer, Sales Engineer DACH, Vehicle Testing
Enregistré: 19/05/2022
60 min
Improving semiconductor manufacturing with piezoelectric force measurement

Force is a critical factor in numerous semiconductor manufacturing processes. Deviations can lead to damages in microchips, internal fractures and defective products. Learn how force can be measured, monitored and controlled with piezoelectric force sensors.

This webinar is relevant for the following semiconductor manufacturing processes:

  • Thermal compression bonding
  • Pick and place
  • Die bonding
  • Wafer manufacturing
  • Join our webinar and find out how this is possible.
Kevin Tan Su Min, Country Manager
Teddy Teo Hung Liang, Regional Service Engineer
Robert Hillinger, Head of Application Management
Enregistré: 27/04/2022
45 min
Selecting the right accelerometer for automotive applications

Reducing and controlling NVH issues is top priority for the automotive industry, in its quest to improve overall vehicle performance, perceived comfort and brand image. Accelerometers play a critical part in automotive vibration testing. But selecting the ideal accelerometer is not a straightforward task: accurate testing outcomes depend on correctly matching the accelerometer's technical features to the specific requirements of each application case.

In just 45 minutes, this webinar provides the key information to identify the right accelerometer for any automotive application. Key points:

  • Overview of the main technical features of accelerometers
  • Review of main automotive applications and related requirements
  • Introduction to our range of accelerometers for automotive testing

During the Q&A session that rounds off our webinar, you will have a chance to directly address your questions to our experts.

Roberto D'Amico, Business Driver NVH
Eric Petersen, Sales and Applications Engineer Vehicle Testing
David Lorenz-Nikola, Head of Sales Center DACH Vehicle Testing
Enregistré: 17/03/2022
60 min
Acoustic Emission (AE): Practical Considerations and Condition Monitoring

Acoustic emission (AE) is a measurand for examining the behavior of materials deforming under stress. Materials "talk" when they are in trouble: with AE measuring chains you can "listen" to the sounds of cracks growing, fibers breaking and many other modes of deformation in the stressed material. Small-scale damage is detectable long before failure, so AE can be used as an advanced method of non-destructive testing and even closed-loop control.

In this webinar, we will address the following acoustic emission topics:

  • Concept of operation, installation and mounting
  • Operation in hazardous zones
  • Signal processing and DAQ
  • Applications such as fatigue/breakage, leaks, cavitation and cutting force

Acoustic emission complements detecting conditions that are often used for condition monitoring applications in areas such as energy and infrastructure as well as industrial applications.

Bill Zwolinski, Application Engineer Test & Measurement, Kistler Group
Pascal Erne, Business Development Manager, Kistler Group
Enregistré: 18/10/2021
60 min
Electric motor testing for aerospace applications and beyond

Electric motors are not only conquering the automotive world, they also serve as actuators as well as main engines in many aerospace applications, from space vehicles over aircrafts to drones and new eVTOL air taxis.

Our experts will provide you with insights and best practices regarding the right measurement technology and efficient test procedures. The following topics will be covered:

  • Theory of operation (esp. torque and rotary)
  • Shaft and flange torque meters
  • Reaction torque
  • Installation
  • Use of couplings
  • Data acquisition
  • How to use outputs, ranges, resolution and dual range
  • Micro-vibration qualification with force sensors
  • Aerospace application examples
  • Test data management and analysis, e.g.:
    • Torque meter under load
    • Performance (good or bad electric motor)
    • High startup torque – low running torque
    • Reverse motor direction
    • Torque meters in a vibratory system or application

Kistler can provide you with complete measuring chains for almost all test requirements – from sensors over signal transmission and DAQ to post-processing and software – please use the Q&A session at the end of the webinar or ask Bill or Pascal for a personal follow-up meeting!

Bill Zwolinski, Business Driver
Pascal Erne, Business Driver
Enregistré: 16/11/2021
35 min.
Cutting force measurement – data acquisition and interpretation

In this webinar on data acquisition in cutting force measurement, you will learn how to optimize your measuring chain and interpret measurements properly. 

Data acquisition:

Bulent Tasdelen, Business Development Manager, will introduce to you the essentials for efficient data acquisition, to name just a few:

  • How to choose the right frequency ranges for milling, drilling, turning, grinding etc.
  • How to set up correct filters and sampling rates
  • How to measure the natural frequency of the dynamometers


Based on various examples, you will learn about the factors that can affect the force signal (tool wear, surface quality, coolants, lubricants etc.). 

Get to know how to:

  • Apply force and torque measurement methods for cutting process analysis
  • Gain control over the cutting forces and processes
  • What can be seen in cutting force measurements
  • How to calculate the correct friction coefficient during turning processes by cutting force measurements
  • What is the correlation between cutting forces and tool deflection


Buelent Tasdelen, Business Development Manager
Enregistré: 20/09/2021
60 min
Simplify RLDA tests with wireless wheel force transducers and robots

Here's your chance to discover the world's first cable-free wheel force transducer! Join our webinar and learn how KiRoad Wireless HDR will revolutionize your vehicle testing: reduced setup time, more efficient and accurate RLDA testing, optimum repeatability - and even a combined application with driving robots from Vehico.

Key Takeaways

  • Improve the efficiency and accuracy of road load data acquisition (RLDA) testing
  • Benefit from repeatable testing and results with KiRoad Wireless HDR and driving robots
  • Identify use case scenarios, check out real-time demo availability
Michael Rihl, Sales and Applications Engineer, Kistler Group
Eric Petersen, Sales Manager North America Vehicle D&D, Kistler Group
Nils Harms, Product Manager, Kistler Group
Enregistré: 19/10/2021
40 min
How to integrate process monitoring into your medical device production

As a medical device manufacturer, you're confronted with a multitude of mandatory national and international standards and guidelines that regulate the traceability of all your quality-relevant production data. Integrated process monitoring is already helping many medtech manufacturers to meet the challenges of compliance with these strict requirements. In this webinar, Kistler experts Stephan Vogel and Martin Lack explain how you can integrate measurement technology directly into your production line. The session begins with an introduction to the basics of this state-of-the-art approach. Then, your hosts will focus on some key issues:

  • How to choose the best sensor for your specific purpose?

The new maXYmos TL ML process monitoring and control system, specifically designed for the medtech industry:

  • What new functions does it offer you?
  • How does it ensure even better integration into medical lines?
  • Inline calibration of measuring chains: how does it work?
Stephan Vogel, Head of Business Development
Martin Lack, Head of Product Management
Enregistré: 19/10/2021
35 min
Miniature charge amplifier with IO Link Technology

Kistler introduces the miniature charge amplifier with IO-Link, a flexible new amplifier for today's industrial applications and suitable for use in a wide range of applications including robotics, the packaging industry and the food and beverage sector, and also ideal for OEMs. This intelligent amplifier combines analog and digital communication technology to pave the way for Industry 4.0.


Stefan Koch, Product Manager Business Field Production Monitoring
Enregistré: 27/08/2021
60 min
ECSS 2021 – European College of Sport Science Virtual Congress

Join Kistler at the ECSS 2021 – European College of Sport Science Virtual Congress  already on 7 September at the Pre-Congress!

Discover innovative solutions to integrate 3D force plates in performance analysis and biomechanical systems.

We are pleased to invite you to join us at two exciting live online presentations highlighting recent and current projects that integrate Kistler 3D force plates into performance analysis systems and explaining the physics behind them. Experts from various fields and with different backgrounds will present the following topics:

  • Stadium 4.0 – a turnkey solution from Kistler (15:00-16:00 CEST)
    Learn more about how Kistler develops biomechanical systems from scratch and how the considered technical and human interfaces will ensure high quality data.

    In addition, our biomechanics expert will give you fascinating insights into new state-of-the-art connectivity and interaction methods and demonstrate this with examples from several international projects.

  • Revealing the invisible in golf instruction - the Smart2Move 3D Kistler force plates (18:00-19:00 CEST)
    The CEO and CTO from Smart2Move will introduce an innovative golf instruction system to you. You will gain insights about why the measurement of 3D ground reaction forces by a 3D Kistler force plate is essential for golf players to improve and optimize their golf swing..
Thomas Walter, Biomechanics Expert and Sales Engineer at Kistler
Jean Paul Fernandez, Sport Scientist specialized in golf in the last 14 years and CTO of the Smart2Move AG
Gregory Lebrat, CEO and Co-Founder of the Smart2Move AG, Golf Instructor since 2003
Enregistré: 06/05/2021
60 min
Hydrodynamics applications measurement technology

Operators of ships and offshore facilities face multiple challenges: while safety is always the primary concern, cost efficiency and environmental aspects also need to be considered. Hydrodynamic testing systems play a key part in ensuring that these diverse requirements are met – but they must often operate in challenging conditions underwater, or with exposure to watersplash. 

Kistler can look back on decades of experience as a solution provider to the maritime research and development sector. As well as optimizing overall ship integrity, our technologies improve vessels' propulsion systems – and we also offer best-in-class solutions for offshore structures. We now invite you to join our June webinar when our experts will explore practical aspects of measurement technology for hydrodynamics applications.

This wide-ranging online session will cover:

  • The piezoelectric measurement concept: operation and capabilities
  • Measuring chains
  • Signal conditioning
  • DAQ
  • Various applications such as
  • tow tanks and wave tanks
  • water tunnels
  • sloshing
  • other
  • Q&A
Bill Zwolinski, Application Engineer Test & Measurement
Pascal Erne, Business Development Manager
Enregistré: 09/06/2021
27 min
Benefit of combined Kistler Weigh In Motion sensors and IIS Tire Screening

In this webinar, you will learn about how you can check vehicle tires on major freeways, highways, and weigh stations. Get to know the Automated Tire Pressure Screening System (ATPS), which has been developed by Kistler together with Intelligent Imaging Systems (IIS). The application of tire screening systems has been a hot topic in the United States.

The ATPS is the result of combining the widely deployed Kistler piezoelectric Weigh In Motion technology with Intelligent Imaging System's Smart Roadside safety platform. Existing Weigh In motion sites can be easily and cost effectively upgraded to support commercial vehicle and truck enforcement and improve road safety.

Jess Helmlinger, Business Development Manager and Head of Project Management – Traffic Solutions, Kistler
Brian Taylor, P. Eng., Director of Sales, ITS
Enregistré: 18/05/2021
30 min
100% Quality Control with Vision Inspection Systems

In this informational webinar we will present topics that are essential to quality control along with vision inspection systems. Information pertaining to risk handling and 0 PPM strategy to reduce downtime in assembly applications. Three practical applications will be covered to give you insight on what complete vision inspection systems look like and if they are the right solution for your application.

During this webinar you will learn:

  1. How do we achieve 100% quality control?
  2. What techniques are used to avoid the risks of manufacturing errors and ensure delivery of 0 PPM?
  3. Where do vision inspection systems play a role in my manufacturing process? Are vision inspection systems the right solutions for my application?
  4. Trends to use AI in industrial quality processes.


Stephan Bellem,
Enregistré: 31/03/2021
Servo presses: efficient force-displacement monitoring and process control

Have you got a new application task or need to project a new line as fast as possible? Do you need to establish a new process or adjust a running one? All while avoiding any risk for malfunctioning or breakdown to assure functionality and availability of your line. If you are looking for the right system for your application that will assist with the above and necessary data such as process values, cycle times, evaluation criteria, etc. Kistler is the right partner and our servo presses/NC-joining systems are made for you!

In this webinar, we will share with you our advance consultancy competency and long-term expertise, our comprehensive product and system solutions as well as our international technical support – all from a single source.

Get to know the advantages of process-integrated electromechanical joining systems/servo presses and how you:

  • Achieve utmost process reliability thanks to 100-percent process monitoring and documentation
  • Enhance your product quality
  • Boost your plant productivity
  • Cut your operating costs
  • Play a valuable part in climate protection
Alexander Müller, Head of Business Center NC Joining Systems
Enregistré: 25/02/2021
60 min
Dynamic Force Measurement: Quality Improvement in Semiconductor Production Processes

The advancements in semiconductor technology and added device complexity put additional pressure on monitoring and controlling semiconductor manufacturing processes. Improved methods for process monitoring and failure identification are needed to maintain or improve the quality and yield of a packaging process. Let our experts Robert Hillinger and Jim Macy explain you how Kistler can help you to improve the quality and performance of your semiconductor production.

Robert Hillinger, Business Development Manager, Kistler Group
Jim Macy, Application Expert, Kistler Group
Enregistré: 02/03/2021
60 min
Practical considerations for Force Limited Vibration Testing

Traditional vibration testing using response accelerometers and hard mounting the space equipment or satellite to a shaker could result in overtesting, destruction, overdesign and/or excessive cost/schedule impact if the unit under test is broken.

Overtesting failures can be eliminated by limiting the vibratory force to that predicted for the actual flight. “Force limiting” automatically notches the acceleration at a test item's resonances, by measuring and limiting the reaction force between the test item and the shaker table. FLV testing replicates the test article's resonant response for the actual flight mounting condition.

Bill Zwolinski, Application Engineer Test & Measurement, Kistler Group
Chris Wilcox, Sales Manager Americas, m+p International
Enregistré: 04/11/2020
60 min
Online training: How to operate maXYmos TL ML in medical/pharmaceutical manufacturing

Following our recent online introduction of the maXYmos TL ML process monitoring system, we warmly invite you to join our detailed training on how it operates and how you can individually adjust and apply its functionalities. 

The aim of this training is to enable you to achieve a 100 percent process monitoring and evaluation process across the entire measuring chain. This will allow your products to pass the final quality testing with zero defect and to comply with the strict regulations regarding quality assurance in medical and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Dipl. Ing. (FH), MBA Martin Lack, Team Leader Product Management
Enregistré: 03/11/2020
6 min
Calibration certificates – Updates 2020

Learn about updates in calibration certificates for traceable calibrations caused by updated 17025:2017.

For further information please download this brochure.


Peter Jaeger, Metrology expert
Enregistré: 03/11/2020
8 min
Calibration intervals – Initial interval and interval adjustment

A brief introduction chosing an initial calibration interval and adjust intervals.

For further information please download this brochure.


Peter Jaeger, Metrology expert
Enregistré: 03/11/2020
6 min
Statement of conformity and decision rule

Learn about statements of conformity in calibration certificates for traceable calibrations and the decision rules behind those.

For further information please download this brochure.


Peter Jaeger, Metrology expert
Enregistré: 09/06/2020
59 min
Calibration Fundamentals

Calibration is the basis for precise measurements with every measurement equipment. This webinar explains the added value provided by periodic calibrations. It is crucial to have a good understanding of the calibration topic to first obtain correct measurement results and handle your devices correctly and second fulfill the normative requirements by norms such as the ISO9001 or the IATF16949.

Peter Jäger, Service Operations Manager
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