Test data management and data analysis

Test data management and data analysis for your application

Kistler offers a comprehensive portfolio of software solutions including MaDaM, jBEAM and Data Ranger – tools that will generate maximum added value from your measurement data. MaDaM stores and organizes the acquired test data, and then processes it for evaluation; jBEAM handles complex calculations, delivers analyses and visualizations, and generates automated reporting.

Data Ranger is a measurement data management system that searches through user-defined directories to find measurement files at local level; it then extracts metadata and statistical values for the test channels. Basic MaDaM functionalities such as extraction, indexing and searching for relevant information are also implemented in Data Ranger.

With this portfolio, Kistler offers optimal solutions that meet all the requirements for test data collected by today's engineers – including analytics, calculation, and reporting for a wide spectrum of applications.

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