Maximum flexibility thanks to numerous measurands and modules

The KiDAQ data acquisition system has a modular design and, thanks to its versatility, can be configured for most requirements of the measuring task. In order to obtain usable measurement data, sensor signals are subjected to a precise and low-noise conditioning and digitization process. For the KiDAQ data acquisition system, Kistler offers a broad range of modules with more than 20 different measurands.

The following measurands can be measured with KiDAQ:

Signaux analogiques

  • Tension (même avec isolation jusqu'à la plage de 1,2 kV)
  • Intensité
  • Résistance
  • Potentiomètres
  • Thermomètres à résistance Pt100, Pt1000
  • Thermocouples (même avec isolation, 1,2 kV)
  • Jauges d'extensométrie
  • Ponts et demi-ponts inductifs
  • Capteurs de déplacement variable linéaire (LVDT)
  • Capteurs piézoélectriques
  • Capteurs IEPE (Piezotron)
  • Capteurs capacitifs MEMS (K-Beam)

Signaux numériques

  • Fréquence
  • Largeur d'impulsion
  • Compteurs
  • Temps
  • État 
  • TEDS

This wide assortment is continually updated – click here to see the latest overview of modules for the KiDAQ data acquisition system.


Modular and flexible configuration

Simple-to-operate software

Faster, more reliable test setup

Increased measuring certainty thanks to transparency along the entire measuring chain

Precise time synchronization of all measuring units with PTP

Cloud-based platform enables future add-ons, including from partner companies

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