Modular data acquisition system (DAQ ) for any case: KiDAQ

KiDAQ is an innovative, modular data acquisition system (DAQ) from Kistler. With it, you can create your test setup, perform your measurements and achieve reliable results almost instantly. Our expertise covers the entire measuring chain, from the sensor, to signal conditioning, and on to the software. The KiDAQ data acquisition system (DAQ) can be expanded at any time with measurement modules and measurement units. Third-party sensors can also be integrated into the system. Our unique software guides you step-by-step through the measurement setup and provides the user with valuable insight into the entire measuring chain.

Reliable information about the measurement uncertainty

A key advantage of the new KiDAQ data acquisition system is our KiXact technology, which automatically calculates the measurement uncertainty. Thanks to know-how across the entire measuring chain combined with Kistler’s vast application expertise, reliable statement about measurement uncertainty are now possible with this technology. That saves you the time and effort needed for a manual calculation of the measurement uncertainty, and it also helps to significantly reduce the uncertainty components in your measurement chain.


Modular and flexible configuration

Simple-to-operate software

Faster, more reliable test setup

Increased measuring certainty thanks to transparency along the entire measuring chain

Precise time synchronization of all measuring units with PTP

Cloud-based platform enables future add-ons, including from partner companies

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