MicroDyn - The smallest Dynamometer in the world

Type 9109AA

Compact Multi-Component Dynamometer up to 500 N

With an exceptionally low threshold, and high sensitivity, the new MicroDyn enables the measurement of incredibly small loads, and so it provides the ideal solution for micro machining processes. Highly dynamic forces can be captured with great accuracy thanks to all three axes (x,y,z) all having a resonance of over 15 kHz. In addition to this, centrally, torque (Mz) measurements can also be calculated. The dynamometer is easy to mount on the machine, using a standard magnetic plate or with M4 screws. Similarly, the workpiece can be easily be positioned on the dynamometer top plate via an array of M4 bores and tapped holes.


Universal dynamometer with high natural frequency, external dimensions 100 x 100 mm, cover plate 30 x 30 mm. Due to supersensitive sensors accurate measurement of lowest forces are ensured. Setup of Dynamometer guarantees minimal influences of thermal effects

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