Bridge Protection

Efficient monitoring protects bridges against overloading and prevents accidents

Bridges are sensitive components of the traffic infrastructure, and their lifetimes are limited. Traffic volumes are soaring all over the world, and many bridge structures are in the process of aging – two factors that combine to create a hazardous situation. Weigh In Motion systems from Kistler are the solution of first choice for both bridge monitoring and bridge protection: they supply reliable data about the actual loads on bridges to schedule maintenance accurately or alternatively WIM can detect overloaded vehicles before passing the bridge and restrict access. By opting for the complete, cost-effective KiTraffic Statistics package, users can quickly implement all the advantages of Weigh In Motion – and our new Lineas Compact sensors, installed under the road surface, ensure maximum service lifetimes. 

Benefits of bridge monitoring and protection with Weigh In Motion by Kistler: 

  • Tried-and-tested technology, deployed worldwide
  • Lineas quartz sensors, grown in-house by Kistler
  • Automatic recording of axle load and overall vehicle weight, even at low speeds
  • Real-time data evaluation close to the location, easy access via commonly used web technologies
  • OIML certification guarantees precise vehicle weighing

Certified complete systems including data processing and evaluation

Precise, automatic recording of traffic data while vehicles are traveling

Preselection and access restriction for overloaded vehicles

Weight-based toll collection and usage-based maintenance


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