Tire Technology Expo 2020

Are you looking for a measuring instrument that can capture wheel forces and torques not only on tire test stands, but also on mobile test vehicles? The RoaDyn S530 measuring hub is Kistler's solution for static measurements of forces and torques – and it can also be used to control the test stand. Thanks to compact multi-component technology, it can track real load cycles with both angle and force control. With these advantages, the RoaDyn S530 is the preferred choice for durability and tire wear tests.

The two-component RoaDyn S220 measuring hub is designed to measure rolling resistance on test stands for passenger car tires, in compliance with the high-precision measurement methods specified by ISO 28580, SAE J 1269 and ECE R117. It measures the longitudinal and vertical forces (Fx and Fz) that act on the tire contact area or footprint, up to wheel loads of 20 kN. The force measurement method allows simultaneous testing of two tires – which translates into a significant efficiency boost.

State-of-the-art wheel force measurement

The modular RoaDyn S630 wheel force measurement system, made of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP/CRP), will be another of the many highlights on our stand at the 2020 Tire Technology Expo. This wheel force measurement system is adapted to the vehicle's hub in place of the usual wheel; it measures the forces and torques introduced through the tire contact patch in the three directions of the wheel coordinate system. Key benefits of the RoaDyn S630 include very low sensor/wheel force transducer weight as well as high rigidity. To complement the RoaDyn S630, the compact KiRoad Performance electronics unit provides the power supply and handles configuration, synchronization and signal conditioning, with a wide range of interfaces available for data output (CAN, USB, WLAN, Ethernet, SSI, DTI and Fieldbus).

Kistler has responded to advances in digitalization with the newly developed electronics built into our KiRoad tire testing unit. Integrated intelligence detects the measuring hub that is connected as well as the individual strain gage sensors and the TEDS data stored in them. The result: users are provided with the calculated forces and torques at up to 5 kHz either via CAN or Ethernet, or also as analog output.

Generating and validating comprehensive tire models
We are also showcasing an extensive range of vehicle dynamics sensors for use in objective driving mode to measure data as the basis for generating and validating tire models. In conjunction with RoaDyn sensors, they open the way to comprehensive tire characterization – including parameters such as shear force build-up arising from drift angle and dynamic camber.

We're looking forward to welcoming you at the 2020 Tire Technology Expo in Hanover. Visit us on stand 3020 in hall 20 – and make sure of your free ticket here!

Tire Technology Expo 2020
25.02.2020 - 27.02.2020
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