Technical Seminar Variable Thermoregulation of Injection Molds

Variable Thermoregulation of Injection Molds for High Aesthetic and Optical Parts Production

During the seminar it will be illustrated the advantages of the most modern thermoregulation technologies, presenting materials and technological solutions for improving the aesthetic and optical quality of injection molded parts.

In the afternoon, inside the Te.Si Laboratory it will be possible to participate to a molding demonstration with Heat & Cool technology of a gadget of high aesthetic quality, which will be given to all participants.

The organizing companies will be available for direct insights.

Participate in the Technical Seminar Variable Temperature Control of Injection Molds on May 07, 2019!

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The seminar has free registration but limited to two people per company. In order to guarantee access to and participation in demonstrations in the laboratory, registrations will end when the maximum number of participants is reached.

Technical Seminar Variable Thermoregulation of Injection Molds
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