Data management software for traffic monitoring

Modular data management and processing software for traffic monitoring

The software solution esoDigitales3-Studio is a modular data management platform for traffic monitoring. Its comprehensive routines enable the user to manage and process his measurement data in an optimal way – not only for speed enforcement but also red light violations for example.

The measurement data management software esoDigitales3 simplifies the proof-safe processing of traffic violations, so that the effort for this task is greatly reduced – saving time and personal resources is the focus here. esoDigitales3-Studio delivers the processing of all data acquired by measuring facilities and devices for speed and red light violations which are approved by the paramount German metrological institution, the “Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt” (PTB).

The complete package esoDigitales3-Studio consists of four different modules. They are accompanied by an assistant which leads the user through every step of the process. So nothing is left to chance and all valid case data can be post-processed smoothly and efficiently.

This module checks the case file by means of the digital signature for authenticity and integrity. After a successful check, it displays the measurement data including the photo documentation.



A module with three additional licenses for display and export of case data, for example a PDF or original file to authorities, assessors or courts. It includes comprehensive search and statistics functions which facilitate case finding and comparisons.

This is the planning module for an efficient coordination of measurement sites, devices and personnel. Its map-based overview includes visualizations of the all measuring equipment – for an efficient operation and duty planning without resource conflicts.

An extension module for a direct real-time usage of measurement data on mobile devices, for example for selected traffic control by police officers near the measuring site. In this way, evidence is available onsite and backs up the consultation with persons involved.

The benefits of esoDigitales3-Studio at a glance

Complete data management software solution focused on usability and efficiency

Assistant accompanies all tasks at issue for traffic monitoring

Modular composition built from the four components Viewer, Reader, Coordinator, and Checkpoint

Comprehensive search, analyze and report functions for optimal post-processing

PDF export to responsible authorities and courts

Flexible coordination and control of measurement devices, sites and personnel

Max 25 MB