Monitoring medical device plastic injection molding with Kistler sensors and systems guarantees consistently high quality.

Monitoring of medical device plastic injection molding – breakthrough for consistently high quality

Cavity pressure sensors

Cavity pressure provides a direct criterion to determine part quality in the production of plastic components. In addition to machine data, cavity pressure plays a key part in transparent process monitoring. To achieve this objective, Kistler offers you an extensive range of high-precision pressure sensors.

Reduce crap during plastic injection molding with ComoNeo process monitoring system

The ComoNeo process monitoring system is based on the measurement of the cavity pressure inside injection molds.The focus here is on automated separation of scrap parts on the basis of cavity pressure data. The goal: zero-defect production.

Thanks to the ComoNeoPREDICT, which is the online quality prediction system involving artificial intelligence (AI), users obtain reliable data about each manufactured component in advance, based on the current cavity pressure profile. With this information, they can improve machine settings in order to maximize quality, production time and process stability.  

  • Monitoring process stability
  • Automated detection of process deviations, including notifi­cations to the user
  • Transparent process control and production monitoring during qualification (OQ and PQ)
  • OPC-UA communication to transfer part-specific process data to external databases for documentation purposes
  • Integrated DoE interface for simpler determination of process limits, including documentation
  • Analysis and correlation of process data with part-specific-­characteristics (Stasa QC)
  • Assistance systems for process monitoring and process restart


During the design phase, our sensor positioning service assists you with correct sensor installation, helping to you determine meaningful key process values.

  • Sensor and ComoNeo application trainings
  • Sensor installation support and ComoNeo commissioning (IQ)
  • Sampling support to determine process limits (OQ)
  • Compliance with the QM system requirements Kistler’s service products reduce risk of an incorrect use and guarantee reliable and stable processes

Zero-defect production

Compliance with all standards and regulations

Reduced quality costs

Optimized process efficiency

Rapid amortization (RoI)

Data backup and optimization

Max 25 MB