The test workstation for joining processes in the JCC

Joining Competence Center – test and optimize your joining processes in advance

Joining processes play an essential part in sectors ranging from the automotive industry to medtech and 3C. Thanks to its Joining Competence Center (JCC), Kistler offers you the opportunity to optimize and validate your joining processes prior to phase of design and startup. That means you can plan with more certainty and improve cost control of automated assembly processes.

Kistler has responded to the challenges posed by production and assembly development processes with an innovative service for its customers: these processes can now be carried out on a test workstation with electromechanical joining systems. In our Joining Competence Center, we can flexibly design and then validate assembly and testing processes for parts such as bearings, sealing rings, rotor stacks, bushings and springs.

Full range of joining modules and processes

The test workstation from Kistler comprises a variable press frame for joining modules – the NCFN standard module (Type 2153A), for example, or the NCFE economy module (Type 2162A) – and a control cabinet containing the measurement and data acquisition technology. The workstation’s adjustable mechanical structure gives users plenty of flexibility to install tools; evaluation of force and displacement in the joining process is both variable and transparent thanks to the maXYmos NC (Type 5847B) process monitoring and control system. 

Features and technical data on the test workstation for joining processes in the Joining Competence Center:

  • Wide measuring range from a few newtons up to 100 kN
  • Joining stroke: up to 400 mm
  • Traverse speed: up to 700 mm/s
  • Variable installation – height up to 700 mm, depth up to 600 mm
  • Mounting plate on movable table
  • Process control with the maXYmos NC Sequence Editor
  • Process evaluation based on a wide choice of different evaluation objects (EOs)
  • Option of using external sensors
  • Measurement results are exported in various data formats

Learn more about how to reduce operating costs thanks to maximum energy efficiency and low-maintenance operation. Simply contact us for further details!

Complex joining processes can be tested and validated in advance in the Joining Competence Center.

Complex joining processes can be tested and validated in advance in the Joining Competence Center – to save time and cut the costs of integration into the line.

Your customer benefits

Check feasibility, optimize and validate your joining processes

Determine measurement values and process parameters with high precision

Determine and reduce cycle times

Cut costs by preventing overdimensioning

Plan your development work with more certainty

More process knowledge – less risk

Save costs because commissioning is faster

Improve product quality and boost productivity

JCC services for you

Advice and selection of the right system

Process simulations and cycle time determination

Performance of practical tests, including evaluation

Process analysis and optimization

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